Macross 7


Z Z N K Q B / Z O L A Radio Fire!!


Tracks: 23

  2. CM1
  3. Drama -Zomio & Zulliet part 127
  4. Planet Dance -Zolan/Elma
  5. ZZ radio insert
  6. Angel Voice -Neki Basara/Ginga Kujira 16 kbps 11khz mono 1:45 sec.
  7. Like Water Like Love -Maria
  8. CM2
  9. Drama -Zomio & Zulliet #2, part 203
  10. Path of Dreams ~on the Zola road~ -Neki Basara/ Elma
  11. CM3
  12. Drama -Zomio & Zullet #3, part 299
  13. MY SOUL FOR YOU ~Zola Dreamin'~ -Basara/Elma
  14. Kareoke Bon Bon
  15. ANGEL VOICE (original kareoke)
  16. NEW FRONTIER (original kareoke)
  17. CM4
  18. Drama -Zomio & Zulliet #4, final part
  19. PLANET DANCE IN ZOLA -Basara/Elma
  20. Fold Stream
  21. STARLIGHT DREAM -Fire Bomber
  22. In the frontier town with no name -Fire Bomber
  23. Fold Stream ~Call Sign [ZZNKQB]

LENGTH: 68:30


A mixed cd which theme is a radio broadcast of the station ZZNKQB on the planet Zola. This relatively takes place around the timeline of the ova, Dynamite. This cd has several drama tracks of anouncers from the station, as well as other songs played on it. Mostly, it includes Elma mother's song, remixed Fire Bomber songs, & a couple of new ones not found on other cd's (ones I've found). In general, I love the voice of the seiyuu of Neki Basara. And when I listened to Angel Voice sung by him at the end of the ova's, I've searched for the song, only to find it here. And to my surprise, the credits displays the composer of the song as Yoko Kanno, distinquished composer, known for scores/songs from Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Cowboy BeBop, etc.

You may notice that most of these drama tracks are in the background during certain Dynamite 7 episodes. And CM tracks are nothing more than the commercials on the radio.

But in the end, the only real purpose to buy this cd is to have the small handful of songs that doesn't appear in any other Macross 7 cd's. The remixes & drama's aren't worth keeping.

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